Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'Twilight 27/31' by M Teresa Clayton

Twilight 27/31

The moonlight behind the clouds
Creates a blue and eerie glow
Illuminating the night
Casting shadows below
And I close my eyes
To all the secrets I know –

Twilight awakens my deepest desire
Your cold touch sets my soul on fire

There's a haze that hangs low in the sky
Painting everything a smoky gray
Intoxicating the night
Calling me out to play
And I listen closely
To the words as you say –

"Twilight waits for you in the meadow
Come, return to me in the shadows"

Wanting is the stench of a man full of greed
Craving is carried delicately upon the fragrance of need

I feel the cool touch of your hand
Against the soft warmth of my skin
Celebrating the night
With the burning within
And I give myself to you
To my deadliest sin –

My twilight paints the evening white
Removes the darkness from the night

Gluttony never satisfies a man who feeds when he can
Savor the taste of the throat of the woman who bleeds for the man

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