Saturday, March 10, 2018

Article: 'Let’s Begin The Courting Of The Missing Art Of Manners' by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

Let’s Begin The Courting Of The Missing Art Of Manners

I think that we need to self-create in ourselves a sort of social media manners.
How we treat others is how we would like to be treated, social media has a great layer between you and the real world and the actual face of the person or persons you're talking to, and so this results in grandstanding for the approval of the masses, or just the gumption to say to people what we would most likely never actually say in person, to any person, we may all just need to take a step back into personal accountability and say to yourself; “would I say that if I was right there with this person, would I want someone to speak to me like this is this behavior really representative of who and what I am and is it what I really want to project to the world?” Because that is exactly what we’re doing.
People both men and women, date people who are "jerks" at first impression, and later ask me, "why is this person a jerk?"
They have somehow and expected that somehow they will have a hugs big transformation, and not be a jerk, the old adage is true, once a jerk always a jerk, is social media the breeding ground of jerks and bad manners I do think so.
So what can each of us do?
Perhaps if we each step back and each takes a bit of accountability for our own reflection on social media and our interaction therein, it may be helpful, this is a suggestion we all practice this as self-discipline, over a rule, or law, or other, that would most likely be ignored by a good many individuals anyway, and we can start doing this in our own social media life, one person at a time, even if every other person does this then it will make our online experience just a little bit better.
It’s accountability to one’s self for one’s self. And we badly need to need to gain and show some respect for ourselves our actions and for others. Let’s begin the courting of the missing art of manners.

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