Tuesday, March 20, 2018

EP Review: QUESTION Question (Caligari Records)

Cassette release limited to 200 copies
Country of origin: Mexico
Genre: Death metal
Release date: March 15, 2018
One of my latest predilections is shown in the new wave of classic death metal from Mexico. Question has an interesting, explosive perspective of the death metal genre, and created a new EP full of heaviness, rotten guitar riffs and great references to old bands from northern Europe like Convulse, Carbonized, Asphyx, etc. Of course their musical skills have been part of many bands from Queretaro, Mexico. All the tracks sound rotten, sick and complex, although they are straight to the point and very precise, which denotes a lot of work in the rehearsal room. There is no room to melody here. This band focuses on destructive guitar riffs complemented with cathartic vocals and knowledge of the real essence of death metal. My favorite song is Nefarious Conclusion with its killer bass intro, and mid-paced guitars, with orgasmic old school elements. Definitely another Mexican horde you should keep an eye on, if you are into great death metal nowadays. No generic bullshit! Just pain and blood!!! -Victor Varas

Band lineup
Marco: Vocals
Héctor: Bass
Roy: Guitars
Iván: Drums

Track list:
1. Holders of Nothing
2. Bone Breaking Cold
3. Nefarious Conclusion
4. Universal Path of Disgrace

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