Friday, March 13, 2020

Flash fiction: "The Air That We Breathe" by Devin Joseph Meaney

Flash fiction by Devin Joseph Meaney

The forests of Tawar provide the air that we breathe. In return, the elvish folk who call this beautiful area home risk their lives to protect the trees, viewing all woodland growths as a sacred gift from the gods.
The mighty oak. The glorious pines. The common yet beloved birch. You give us life and ask nothing in return. What did we do to deserve you?
Aidyn thought hard about this, but the forest offered no response. No voice came upon the wind. There was nothing but silence and the low chirping of crickets in the distance.
I love you, spruce. I adore you, cedar. You are all so perfect! My life and soul are yours to have and to hold. Without you there would be no hope!
Aidyn breathed deeply. As her lungs filled with air, she realized her contemplations had been heard. She could only think of two words in reply.
Thank you!

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