Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Split Review: Born Backwards/Shrivel Up "Born Backwards / Shrivel Up - split" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind
Band: Shrivel Up
Location: Illinois
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind
Split: Born Backwards / Shrivel Up - split
Format: Digital (physical format release info TBA)
Label: Independent
Release date: February 23, 2020
I originally wanted to review some black metal, but when I logged on to Youtube, this release popped up in my suggested feed. A split between Born Backwards and Shrivel Up. Before today I never heard of either of these bands, but the whole split is under ten minutes and it is listed as grindcore. Being the genuine grind warrior that I am, I decided that the black metal could be put off until later. I guess it was time to grind? Here we go!
From Born Backwards I guess I was expecting straight grindcore, but this is without question leaning in the goregrind direction. There are deep pitched gutturals alongside ''clean'' screams and gargles. The drums have that glorious ping snare sound that we all know and love, and overall, I really dig this first portion of the split.
When Shrivel Up took over, I was taken back. These recordings are much more punishing and harsh than the Born Backwards tracks. I did enjoy the first portion of the split, but the second half is much more abrasive. The recording quality is messier and less refined, but either way, these tracks were quite enjoyable.
Both of these bands deserve mad respect. So give these tracks a spin, post them to your Facebook, send them to your friends, and do your part to get this split out there. I know I will be doing just that! –Devin Joseph Meaney


Born Backwards
Sean: Guitars, vocals
Max: Drums, vomit

Shrivel Up
Tony: Vocals
Ryan: Guitar, vocals
Dylan: Drums

Track list:
[Born Backwards]
1. Tony Smith Doesn't Like The Smiths
2. Chips and Smegma
3. Hacked for Fun
4. Pestilent Razrez Burzum
5. Angry Amputation
6. Rock n Roll Shitcago
[Shrivel Up]
1. Resin Skeleton
2. An Ode To Big Doinks In Amish
3. Walking Under The Social Ladder & Living To Tell The Tale
4. Life On Halt
5. Progressive Thinkers Do Ethical Bumps

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