Monday, June 15, 2020

EP Review: Idolos "Ahi Cab" (Anthrazit Records) by Sarah McKellar

Band: Idolos
Country: France
Genre: Atmospheric black metal
EP: Ahi Cab
Format: Jewelcase CD, Digital album
Label: Anthrazit Records
Release date: January 28, 2020
Idolos is an atmospheric black metal band based in France, but claim to be from Venus and of Atlantean descent. “Ahi Cab” is their 2020 EP release through Anthrazit Records located in Germany, also Wolfhund Productions located in Denmark. Atmospheric samples commence “Ahi Cab” leading the listener into this hard-hitting and brutal release. Mournful, yet brutal, Idolos has created a consistently unrelenting and forceful style of black metal in “Ahi Cab”. Melodic and technical riffs display Idolos’ aggressive “harder, faster” feel throughout this release. Remaining technical while switching styles effortlessly displays Idolos’ ability to release their soul crushing brutal approach to black metal upon their unsuspecting listeners. Strong, brutal vocals emphasise the aggressive technical approach the listener now knows to be expected of Idolos, adding another layer to the aural assault. “Ahi Cab” focuses mainly on Mayan mythology and prophecy as its primary source for lyrical content and is extremely well written, adding another aspect for the listener to appreciate. A mournful, slower approach in some tracks provides another aspect for listeners to appreciate as well. Idolos describing themselves as coming from Venus and being of Atlantean descent which is reflective in the otherworldly brutal feel the listener receives when listening to “Ahi Cab”. I genuinely look forward to hearing more of Idolos’ material in the future. –Sarah McKellar

MgRcH: 82 Hz - 1.174 Hz / 41Hz - 97 Hz strings frequencies, backing vocal emissions, harmonic and lyrical transcriptions
NnK: Lead vocal teleprinter, cosmic interpretation, visual and graphic transcriptions

Track list:
1. Prolog
2. The Deeds above
3. The Summoners
4. The Maiden and the Tree

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