Sunday, June 14, 2020

Full Length Review: Eraser "Mutual Overkill Deterrence" (Night Animal Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Eraser
Location: Palermo
Country: Italy
Genre: Old school grindcore
Format: Digital album
Release date: June 15, 2020
Before bed, I decided to listen to some music. After running through a playlist of nostalgia from my childhood, I realized it was time to grind. And with ''Grind'' in my sights, I humbly started my search for something pleasurable to my ears.
I noticed a new LP posted from the ''Gore Grinder'' account on Youtube. This account is an absolute wealth of all things gory and grinding, and as this album was posted 8 hours ago (while I am writing this) I decided ''what the hell?''… I fucking love this shit!
Now, the first thing I will mention is that this is not my standard gore-filled ear-massacre. This is pure 100% legit old school 80's-early 90's sounding grindcore. Think Napalm Death with a hint of the mincing from an act such as Agathocles. Purely old-school. Nothing innovative really, but superbly done (in my humble opinion). 
The name of this LP is ''Mutual Overkill Deterrence'' by ERASER! I mean, shit... this stuff is so old school it still maintains a strong thrash influence in the guitar riffs and the percussion. This paired with aggressive gutturals of both high and low pitches make for an abysmally amazing experience (yeah, I just made that up... you get the point!).
I could go on, but I think you get the impression I am trying to mold. Fans of classic grind (and maybe some old thrash heads) are sure to enjoy this offering. With all the intensity of a blood-drunk psychopath, this one is clearly a winner. 100 points! –Devin Joseph Meaney

Dario "Ramses": guitar and pain
Anselmo "Krosty": bass and backing throat filth
"Tom" G. Prophet: grunts and yells
Fulvio "Thrasher": drums and drinks

Track list:
1. Go Primitive
2. Scorn Path
3. Stream of Decay
4. Natural Born Prevaricators
5. Ego Feeder
6. Eraser
7. Static
8. Children of New Reich
9. Leadershiet
10. 29
11. Stomping Your Grave
12. Blast Beat Voodoo Cult
13. Bad Boy
14. Genocindustry
15. Insistence Is Futile
16. Mutual Overkill Deterrence
17. Grind Yourself
18. Dicsostù

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