Thursday, June 11, 2020

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror (Orphan Eyes) by Gene Olivarri

Mirror Mirror (1990)
With Karen Black, Yvonne De Carlo, William Sanderson
Directed by Marina Sargenti
Written by Annette Cascone, Gina Cascone, Yuri Zeltser, Marina Sargenti
Company: Orphan Eyes
Hello everyone! Horror movie review time!
Today I'm so pleased to talk about Dark Force Entertainment release of Mirror Mirror a 1990 horror gem and, might I add a true cult classic. Dark Force Entertainment has done a great job with this Blu-ray release the film transfer's were incredible the picture was so sharp and clear Dark Force Entertainment had obtained the original theatrical negatives of this film and did absolutely beautiful wonders on the color correction of this release. The product itself comes with a high glossy slipcover with colors that pop and the Blu-ray cover is the same no booklets at first sight and opening of this product you would think wow nice straight to the point oh no my horror movie maniacs this release is not bare-bones on the features menu they have an exclusive interview with the producers Jim Lifton and Virginia Prefili they take you on a great and tell you how they started a record label called Orphan Records and they started making music videos and, got so good at it and met with director Marina Sargenti and decided to make a movie all the soundtrack and movie score was written by Jim Lifton what a talented man to do all this in one movie he played such a huge roll in the making of this cult classic. Let's move on to the actors and plot of this great film!
It's 1950 in Iowa two identical twin sister's Mary Weatherford played by (Traci Lee Gold) sacrifices her sister Elizabeth played by (Michelle Gold) sitting on top of her to hold down and stabbing her repeatedly in the heart so the demon that has possessed Elizabeth can return back into the mirror to close it in turns out Elizabeth had been playing with evil and it had been using her for many things. 40 years later it's 1990 Megan Gordon played by (Rainbow Harvest) and her mother widowed Susan Gordon played by the famous (Karen Black) have moved to the Weatherford house from Beverly Hills after winning the home at a house auction.
Susan Gordon and Megan walk into Megan's new room and find the mirror left in the corner the auctioneer Emelin played by (Yvonne De Carlo) tells her she can't keep the mirror her mother has to buy it since the Weatherford house was being cleared so they could move in. Emelin finds diaries and journals describing what the mirror is possessed by and that it grants wishes as well if you give into the demon trapped in the mirror Megan Gordon is a goth teen actress Rainbow Harvest acting reminds me of the odd girl from the breakfast club mixed with Lydia from Beetlejuice in this film.
Then the mirror begins to give into her as well as she gives into the demon all these deaths begin to happen the mirrors first victim is the family dog as Megan and Susan Gordon find him bloody and dead in her room that's when Megan begins to see theirs something up with this mirror. Megan begins high school then the local bullies start poking fun at Megan well that's a huge mistake because she got a deadly demon backing her up they start having very bloody and brutal deaths plus vicious scares as one bully begins bleeding from her nose and it won't stop. At this time the only friend Megan makes is Nikki played by (Kristin Dattilo) she begins to see the change in Megan's personality as the demon starts to take control of her as she uses the powers of the demon to manipulate then main bullies Charleen Kane played by (Charlie Spradling) love interest Jeff played by (Tom Bresnahan).
In the film the auctioneer tries to take the mirror away from Megan but it just doesn't work it already has a deep hold of her she tries to take it out of the house as she grabs the mirror spikes go through her hands and she runs out screaming.
I really don't want t ruin the movie but it truly is an awesome one I really loved and enjoyed it I'd like to send a huge thank you and kudos to Dark Force Entertainment on this release on what an amazing job they did with the transfers of this film it really shows when you right away start the movie. I like to add please go to the Dark Force Superstore website and buy this great release right away because they sell very quick they also have amazing double features and very rare code red releases as well for awesome prices for any horror maniacs collection. –Gene Olivarri

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