Monday, November 23, 2020

Band Review: Manegarm by Devin Joseph Meaney

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Band: Manegarm
Location: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Genre: Black/Viking/folk metal
Full Length: Manegarm
Format: CD
Label: Napalm Records
Release date: November 20, 2015
Full Length: Fornaldarsagor
Format: CD
Label: Napalm Records
Release date: April 26, 2019
While I was perusing Facebook, I noticed that someone had posted about the band Manegarm. I have heard of this band before, and I knew that I enjoyed the music, so I decided that I would revisit to see if my past enjoyments were still current.
The first album I noticed up for listening was the self-titled album ''Manegarm''. I remembered really enjoying this one, so I figured my best bet was to start here. And just as I assumed... yes, this is still an amazing album. By the end of the first track I was in tears (not sad, it's just so damn pretty) and by the start of the second, I wished to be frolicking in a mead hall with warriors of a time long past. The folk elements and the metal complement each other to near perfection, and the way the album swings from one pole to another is something that entices me to the fullest. Great musicianship, great vocals, and great vibes... I would encourage that this one gets listened to.
After Manegarm, I switched over to ''Fornaldarsagor,'' another album by this band. I have no memory of this one, but I also encourage that this one gets consumed by many an eardrum. It is just as good (just as I assume the majority of their material is) and I was once again sailing across battlefields in my head to protect people in fictional, fantasy-like skirmishes.
Some people would tell you that all of this music is based on evil and darkness, but a lot of the sounds emitted from these albums are uplifting, and invoke genuine feelings of brotherhood and friendship. Although I listened to these albums alone while sipping rooibos tea, if me and the boys (the RIGHT boys) were to get together any time soon... I'd like to throw these on and have a few beers. It sounds like it would be a great time!
Thankfully, there is no shortage of material for this band, as there is a heaping discography available. And I plan to take advantage of this. Although I streamed these albums on Youtube, if given the chance with available funds, I would happily support this band by buying an album, or a t-shirt, or patches, etcetcetc. Not to mention that the artwork that the band uses is highly appealing to me!
All in all, this is amazing stuff. And I want you to listen to it... but are you ready to conquer the battlefield? –Devin Joseph Meaney

Erik Grawsiö: Bass, vocals
Markus Andé: Guitars
Jacob Hallegren: Drums
[Guitarist Jonas "Rune" Almquist appears on “Manegarm”]

Track list
1. Blodörn
2. Tagen av daga
3. Odin Owns Ye All
4. Blot
5. Vigverk - Del II
6. Call of the Runes
7. Kraft
8. Bärsärkarna från svitjod
9. Nattramn
10. Allfader
11. Månljus
12. Mother Earth, Father Thunder (Bathory cover)

1. Sveablotet
2. Hervors arv 
3. Slaget vid Bråvalla
4. Ett sista farväl 
5. Spjutbädden
6. Tvenne drömmar
7. Krakes sista strid 
8. Dödskvädet

This review can also be read at Devin Joseph Meaney's official blog. -DW

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