Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Full Length Review: Machetazo "Ultratumba II" (Selfmadegod Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Machetazo
Country: Spain
Genre: Death metal, grindcore
Full Length: Ultratumba II
Format: CD
Release date: November 13, 2020
I was searching my emails for review material when I unexpectedly chanced upon Machetazo and decided to write about them. Machetazo may be defunct, but their place in death metal and grindcore history is practically indisputable. From 1994 to 2014 the band spawned some of the most brutal, skull crushing music to emerge from Spain or anywhere else for that matter. I’m aware such descriptions are thrown around endlessly when describing bands but this band warrants it. Staying firmly connected to the cutting edge efforts of early 80s and late 80s bands, they earned a position alongside Impetigo, Mortician, Brujeria and Exhumed as underground luminaries. Six years after Machetazo disbanded to work with other bands, Selfmadegod Records compile “Ultratumba II”, a “greatest hits” of sorts gathered from compilations, EPs and splits from their final eight years. The material gathered for “Ultratumba II” comprises over seventy sick, gore soaked minutes solely intended for fans with the backbone and resilience to withstand its ruthless ferocity. Six years is sufficient time to allow these songs to take a breather; now the time has arrived to introduce the band to newer fans of excessively barbarous and uncivilized death/grind. What gave me impetus to listen was that I missed Machetazo while they were active. Listening to “Ultratumba II” is like discovering a piece of art history and marveling at what I found. I’m mind blown because not only is Machetazo abundantly heavy but equally well written and well produced. A lot of grindcore and death/grind can resemble a blur, which sometimes repulses listeners who miss the point so to speak. But Machetazo disport professionalism as plainly as they display heaviness. From the first notes every instrument - guitars, drums and distorted bass as well as the severely guttural vocals - is produced with a clarity that assists in driving the point home and keeping it stimulating. If you like Mortician, Carnivore, Master, Corrupted, Kreator, Darkthrone, Obituary, Septic Death and Carnage you’ll want to hear Machetazo’s covers of those bands. –Dave Wolff

Dopi: Vocals, drums
Rober Bustabad: Guitars, bass
Iago Alvite: Bass

Track list:
1. (Cerrado Por) Defunción
2. Fog Of Death (Mortician cover)
3. Desenterrado
4. Únete Al Muerto
5. Más Allá Del Hueso Y La Carne
6. Desolación Mental
7. Los Tentáculos De La Decrepitud
8. El Torreón
9. Dr. Jebediah Morningside
10. Sex and Violence (Carnivore cover)
11. Pay to Die (Master cover)
12. Arrastrándose sólo (Corrupted cover)
13. Tormentor (Kreator cover)
14. Skald av Satans sol (Darkthrone cover)
15. Dying (Obituary cover) / Demon (Septic Death cover)
16. Delirio en el Pozo de Excrementos (Fear of Decapitations Mix)
17. Alucinaciones Blasfema
18. Flagelado Hasta El Desmembramiento
19. The Day Man Lost (Carnage cover)
20. Fosa Común
21. Miasma
22. Catalepsia

Track 1 from the split 7" EP with Headless Death
Tracks 2-3 from the split 7" EP with RAS
Tracks 4-6 from the Desolacion Mental 7" EP
Tracks 7-9 from the split 12" with Marrow
Tracks 10-15 from the Necrocovered 10"/MCD
Tracks 16-17 from the split 7"EP with Winters In Osaka
Tracks 18-19 from the split 7"EP with Ribspreader
Tracks 20-22 from the split 7"EP with Total Fucking Destruction + Slimewave comp. CD

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