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Article: "10 Amazing Vampires and why you should know them" by Deacon Gray and Madame X

10 Amazing Vampires and why you should know them.
Deacon Gray and Madame X, 2014 Dec 14th, © Graveyard Press

Thanks to Goddess Rosemary of Temple House Sahjaza for contacting the authors. -DW

There are a lot of amazing people in this world, and our community is no different. Recently I went into a few forums and asked the members there who they thought were some of the most amazing people in the community. I Have to admit that there are many circles in the community, and not everyone is known everywhere regardless of how amazing they are.
The outpouring was pretty wonderful, and a lot of people made the list. So I started out with the top five, then realized I couldn’t limit the selection so easily. How do you pick five people when there are so many amazing people out there?
So I decided I would take the top ten people who had inspired enough people to be frequently mentioned. Some of them I knew well, some of them I don’t know well at all. But with a little help from some good friends, we put together a list of amazing people you should know in the community.

Evan Christopher Nightside Productions LLC
“It has been a pleasure to consider Evan Christopher as a personal friend for 2 decades. He is first, and foremost a Gentleman and Renaissance man. Jovial, approachable, compassionate and tempered, Father Evan Christopher is a remarkable role-model and teacher for the Nightkind Community.
His warm welcome to individuals in his local area speaks volumes about his altruistic identity. Father Evan is one of the very few individuals who are perfect for the public eye; he is savvy, well-spoken, charismatic and good-looking which transmits a very favorable image, not just for himself, but for the whole Nightkind Community.
His community involvement is clearly his passion, not being limited to his long-standing event in Tampa’s Lighting Bay as a Master Fang smith, but it extends to the hearts and lives of everyone local or not that he interacts with.
If you have not had the opportunity to meet Father Evan Christopher, do so. You will walk away with a fuller spirit.”- Madame X

Madame X: Founder of the House of The Dreaming
Madame X is the creator of The Collective interview series. She is the Co-founder of the new Iron Garden Court of New Jersey, and the champion of the movement to allow Ronin Vampires into the Courts.
Tenacious in her desire to help the Vampire Community develop, her consistent activity in the community has made her a large influence but kept her close to ebb and flow of the community. In her time in the community she has founded many projects, too many to list, but one thing is certain, she will never stop.
Matriarch, writer, creative figure and spokesperson for the community Madame X demanded I remove her from this list, which of course I agreed to, and then did what I wanted. –Deacon Gray

Belfazaar Ashantison: House of Mystic Echoes
A key figure in the New Orleans Vampire Alliance, Voodoo Priest, and community celebrity, “Zaar” as he is known by his friends has more accomplishments than there is space to detail.
He has a kind nature, and often helps community members in New Orleans when they are down on their luck, but he is not one to be taken advantage of easily.
He is held in high esteem for his longevity in this community, though perhaps he is best loved for his outreach to the poor on the holidays. It is widely known that Zaar goes out on Christmas and Thanksgiving to help the needy, an act that is truly inspirational to everyone”.–Deacon Gray

Lady CG: Founder of Smoke and Mirrors
“The Author of Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres, she is a prolific writer for the vampire community. Lady CG has been an inspiration for many vampires with in the community that have become common respected names to know. Whether working to bring people together in the Voice of the Vampire Community, or simply engaging in conversations, she is an enduring member of the community who is loved by many.
Whether you know her as Lady CG or Barbara Kammerer, knowing her is a pleasure. I personally see her as a mentor and friend, which can endure even when we disagree.”- Deacon Gray

Merticus Stevens: Suscitatio Enterprises LLC
“A member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Voice of the Vampire Community, and the Vampire Community News are all things known about Merticus. He defines himself not by his deeds, but by his actions, and has become the ‘go to guy’ for scholars and media due to his release of the VEWRS and AVEWRS Statistical Surveys.
Merticus will not tell you a lot of about himself as an individual, but if you want to “friend” him he is always open to it.”- Deacon Gray

Anya Rakoczy: House Rakoczy
She is the Ambassador to the Dark Nations, Nocturnal Grove and New Orleans Vampire Association. Anya is well known for being a published author of fiction, a business owner, and sorceress with a thriving practice. She is a self-proclaimed fashionista with a real drive to assist newcomers in the community.
While not the most senior member of the vampire community, she has a developing legacy as a woman with ambitions toward kindness and education.”- Deacon Gray

Michelle Bellanger: Writer, Medium, paranormal investigator and TV Personality
“Who in the Vampire Community has not heard of Michelle Belanger? She is a renowned author, researcher, paranormal specialist, television personality, and is ‘the’ leading authority on vampires in fiction, folklore and modern culture.
Michelle is more than just a spokesperson for the Vampire community. She is a font of inspiration and our biggest resource, particularly when it comes to ancestral knowledge.
A dynamic go-getter, it is Michelle’s charismatic appeal, intelligence and sharp-wit that make her the center of attention, no matter where she is. Back in the mid 90’s before we even knew each other, Michelle and I were both working independently in different corners of the United States on two very similar literary projects designed to draw out others who shared our Nightkind identity.
When we finally met about 20 years ago, I immediately recognized her as a spiritual sister. I consider myself quite blessed to have the opportunity to interact and socialize with Michelle in person and certainly look forward to next.”- Madame X

Octarine Val Valur “Founder of the South African Vampire Alliance
She is the Founder of House Valur, Magister of Mintaka Halo, and she helped to develop the Totum Lex Vampyrica (community guidelines for South African Vampires)
Few can match her contributions, and none can honestly say that they started the fire for an entire community’s development throughout a country. “Val” to her friends is known for her commitment to her projects and her drive to bring the SAVA to the forefront of the Vampire community.
If you don’t know Val, I suggest you meet her. Very seldom do you meet people as motivated and yet kind.”- Deacon Gray

Rosemary Sahjaza: Founder of House Sahjaza
“Some may know her as Goddess Rosemary, others as Silky Rose; I call her Sister with a capital S. Goddess Rosemary is the loving sister and mother figure for countless many in our community. Humbly, she offers encouragement and advice with a warming embrace.
Goddess Rosemary’s greatest desire for the community is its development and growth, so that all with in it have a safe place to learn and grow. However, don’t mistake my Sister’s warm compassion for malleability. She may be flexible, but it is her strength of character and unwavering candor that has upheld her integrity and maintained Temple Sahjaza strong for decades.
Hailing from the same roots of the ‘NY coven days’ and of underground fetish parties, Goddess Rosemary and I share many friends and have many interesting stories to tell, but by far the most remarkable story is the one told by all the individuals whose lives have been transformed just by heading Rosemary’s loving wisdom and guidance.”-Madame X

Shaolin Asura-MacPhee, Abani House Sabretooth MacPhee of Clan Elysium
A founding member and 2nd chair Elder of House MacPhee. He is the author of Gotham Vampyre Archives, and member of the Gotham Court. Known for his reasonable consideration of issues, love of music, and his drive to complete worthy projects, he is a warrior that follows a path of Blood and Dharma. There is not enough time to detail all the good works and worthy projects Lord MacPhee has put his mind to, but we always know it will be worthy, and not sugar-coated.” -Deacon Gray
So this is ten, of many, I know not everyone will agree, and that’s ok. Our community is big, our population is diverse and prettying amazing. Over the years many others will be included in their ranks, and we can hope it results in a better community for us all. -Deacon Gray

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