Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Poem: "This World & Body" by Steven Michael Pape

This World & Body
by Steven Michael Pape

This world and body,
Changing, ageing,
The flow of life,
The birth of the young,
The death of the old,
A constant change,
All life controlled.
It's in the trees,
Centuries they stand,
It's in the earth,
You hold in your hand.
It's held in the eyes,
A knowing glance,
It's held deep within,
All life's a chance.
It's the slow decay,
That we know will come,
It's mistakes we've made,
That can't be undone.
The uncertainty,
That we know will rise,
It's thoughts we held,
Once deep inside.
It's the air we breathe,
As the sun does find,
This world and body,
All here beside.

©® Steven Michael Pape 2021

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