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Interview with Chris of Incineration by Dave Wolff

Interview with Chris of Incineration

Tell the readers about your new EP and explain why you released it on vinyl.
It is four new tracks we laid down shortly after our third full length was out. After a short tour we did for its promotion and a couple of shows here and there we decided to record them and release them as an EP. The format is vinyl simply cos we never had one of our own. So we thought to ourselves...What the heck…Let’s do a vinyl this time! Haha.

What is the title of the EP and the four songs appearing on it? Were those songs you recorded for your previous full length only to find there wasn’t enough room for them, or were they written after your last full length was out?
The EP is called “Deeds of Debauchery”. We have uploaded the EP on our Bandcamp so anyone willing to see the song titles can check there. Let’s leave a mystery to it shall we? Hahaha…They’re about all kinds of disgusting deeds from human to human…They were completely new. We usually don’t write extra tracks. The question with them was if we would write more, enough for a fourth full length or just leave it there and go for the EP. Looks like the EP won!

How much exposure and interest in “Deeds of Debauchery” came from uploading it to Bandcamp?
We got many more pre-orders and stuff for sure. This thing definitely helped with us getting it out there easier but then again…we would upload it anyway. Bandcamp and Youtube and all those platforms are there to help you bring your noise out to the people right? This is exactly what we do…Now if we gained a bit more exposure, it is good. If not…I suppose it is still good. We really don’t care much about words as “exposure” and “views”, you know what I mean?

What real life societal issues has the band based their lyrics on? Were there times your subject matter was too uncomfortable for some of your listeners or is it generally easy to handle?
To be totally frank, I don’t think people read our lyrics this much. We don’t have anything to say anyways. They just follow the brutality protocol. You know…Brutal music needs brutal lyrics. So what better than horror inspired disgusting stories? Anything gross, bloody, sexually absurd and grotesque can be part of our lyrics. We never had a problem so far and my guess is we never will. We’re not that big of a band actually to begin with…But I think it takes a lot more than couple of retarded horror lines to start having problems. So…We’re safe…Hahaha.

Would you like your listeners to read your lyrics more often? What subject matter do you draw from most often: movies, books, true crime or other sources?
Well we don’t care that much about that. They are not going to change one’s views on the world. Mostly there to fill the gory concept of our music. One can read them only to see how far we can go and maybe compare our sickness with his/hers but that’s that! Inspiration comes from everywhere but what we mostly deal with is real life disgusting stories. We sometimes add couple of nasty embellishments to the original tale amplifying its sickness but the original story is already out there. What can I say? Our world is a sick place man. Hah.

Cite some of the true life stories you are basing your lyrics on. Why did said stories inspire you to write songs about them?
Well real life is more brutal than any horror movie bro. You can bet your bottom dollar to it! Starting from the well-known serial killers and the horrible things they did to people and moving into that path you can understand why humans have become the most disgusting form of life. The story of the father who was soo theatrical in crying for his deceased child at its funeral only to be discovered that he had raped and killed it( Although rumors claim he only said so to protect his other son who was the actual perpetrator). Or the one with the fucking cop who chocked his five year old daughter to death and then cut her in pieces and boiled the chunks with rice, throwing her in the dustbin and acting as if he did not know where she was…These are real life stories man…Happened in real life. Adding the sexual perversions to it (from playing with feces to playing with animals….you follow?), and the religious oppression you get a vast field of never ending lyrical inspiration. And the stories of course keep coming! I was initially swept away by how anyone can be a “normal” person during the day and turn into a total freak during the night. It is really fascinating to think that someone sitting next to you in the train station, could easily be the one who couple of hours before, murdered his own granny and fucked her corpse while it still bled. Or that the girl you look at the bar, thinking how you’ll put your junk in her, likes to shit herself and masturbate in her feces….Hahahahahah…..Real life stories man…Can’t beat em!!!

Vinyl has been making a comeback and experiencing a resurgence in popularity for years. Have you seen bands of similar genres to Incineration releasing material on vinyl more often? Why do you think people still prefer vinyl albums to sound files and streaming?
Yes it has, hasn’t it? It is just something like a fetish that came to the surface once again. It never stopped completely actually. I mean...I was always watching the big bands release their stuff on vinyl. The process never stopped for them I guess! It is just that the big labels wouldn’t release a minor band on vinyl cos it wouldn’t sell as much. It is kind of a thing nowadays once again. It is mostly driven by the underground I would say. Was always watching underground death metal and grind bands releasing self-financed 7” vinyls mostly. The punk scene also has never quit releasing vinyls. So yeah. All of these guys kept the flame alive. Now…There are the ones going with the romance in it….You know people that won’t listen to anything other than vinyl. The sound of it is definitely more warm and better in many aspects but I guess still…it is also the fetish. Personally I don’t care. I mean…I like to have what I like in some sort of format but when it comes to listening I don’t care. Vinyl, CD, tape, Youtube, Youjizz….whatever….hahahahaha….As long as the damn snare keeps blasting wild!

Do you or the other band members still collect vinyl albums? If so, what new or previously owned albums have you recently purchased?
I don’t collect for sure. I have everything I like on CD. And those I don’t have, I am trying to find. But I am very far from being called a collector. About 350 CDs and 10-20 vinyls is all I have. I can’t speak for George (drums). I don’t know if he collects but then again if he had the collector’s craze I would’ve known. He is in the same status with me more or less. The rest of the band members can go fuck themselves I don’t care….(there are actually no other band members, just me and George...Haha)….My latest purchase is two rare 7” vinyls from Obsecration. Two split vinyls they did. One with Nethescerial and one with Slaughtered Priest and a CD from Cerebral Effusion. Idolatry of the Unethical of 2014.

Did you purchase the splits Obsecration released online or are there stores in your area you acquired it from?
Well there are stores you can purchase their stuff for sure. I just happen to be bad-ass enough to be friends with the singer (Necros…Horns up yo!), so I got my share from him!

Are you also acquainted with Nethescerial, Slaughtered Priest and Cerebral Effusion?
I believe the first two are just friends with Obsecration. Not acquainted with them in any way. Cerebral Effusion is an awesome brutal death metal band from Spain which I am really fond of! So the purchase was me being a fan. Don’t know them personally unfortunately.

Does the band have their own studio for recording and mixing? What do you consider the reasons why more bands are recording and producing their own material?
Yes and no actually. We record the drums at a studio where the guys owning the place are long time pals so it is more or less family. Besides that, guitars, bass and vocals are recorded home. Then again back to studio for re-amping and then mixing-mastering at home. For us it is more fun this way. We’re never gonna make money out of it so we might as well have our fun with it right? The money factor is in it as well. Especially when you pay everything out of your own pocket, being able to do certain stuff yourself is something that will treat your wallet with the utmost respect. This is actually the biggest reason most bands try to do it this way nowadays.

At what recording studio does the band usually work on their releases?
Well we used to visit a studio called “Studio Π”. It is a place ten minutes from where we live and thing is we are close friends with the owner and practically we could do whatever we wanted. “Deeds of Debauchery” is the last drum recording we did in that studio. Our friend sold it though to new owners so we parted ways with it. Now we rehearse at Feedback studios. Friends with the guys owning the studio (Slavebreed motherfuckerzzz!!) as well and a really cool place. We might record our next album there. We’ll see!

Did anyone from Studio Π have a hand in the production of “Deeds of Debauchery” or did the band work on each aspect of it in the studio and at home?
It is just us all the way. Studio is only for drum recordings, re-amping and band practice. All mixing and mastering took place at our home studio.

What equipment does the band work with at home? At some point would you want to record, mix and master all your work independently or is your present arrangement working well?
We already mix and master independently. The only thing we can’t do independently is drum and guitar recording. Like mentioned above, we do re-amping when it comes to guitars and the drums are recorded at a recording studio. Sure we’d love it if we could record the drums at our own place but the thing works fine as it is already. No need to change anything so far. Our equipment at home is the typical equipment every band that does home recording uses. A mixer, good soundcard, two loud speakers and a decent PC.

Where did Incineration tour in support of their latest full length and how well did audiences respond to your shows? Has the Covid pandemic been a detriment to the band performing?
Our latest album is “Dawn of Dismemberment”! We didn’t manage to do a lot for it actually. A tour in Greece and a gig in Romania. We had a Balcan tour scheduled and some other European dates but fuckin Covid made sure we’d cancel everything! As long as we played though, people seemed to like the new stuff so we cannot wait for this pandemic to be over and get back in track! The Covid pandemic has been a detriment in general. In all aspects of life so…yes, in the band being able to perform live as well!

How long ago did your Greek and Romanian tours for “Dawn of Dismemberment” happen? What other activities has the band been taking part in?
It was 2017. November and March of the same year. A couple of live shows in Greece followed after that but yeah…You get the point. Between shows it is mostly rehearsing for us. I mean…we got our jobs and families and bills to pay so this is more or less our means of diffusing reality reigning on our shoulders…haha…sounded kinda dramatic didn’t I? Hahahaha…Well this is it more or less. Now with all the Covid restrictions of course there’s no rehearsing but what can you do?

How much material was released prior to “Dawn of Dismemberment”? How much has Incineration grown with each release?
We have had two full lengths, two demos, a promo and two split CDs prior to “Dawn of Dismemberment”. The goal is the same in every record. Produce the nastiest shit we can produce. Now it goes without saying that we have evolved as time goes by. I wanna believe we are becoming better players, so we can perform better when it comes to recording. Our songs are getting a bit more complex than they used to be but I think they remain attached to our original “primitive and raw” protocol. Lyric-wise I think we are getting more disgusting in every release. We used to talk about blood a lot. Now we got feces in the game…..Hahahah.

What bands did you release those splits with? Were you friends or did you contact them while seeking bands to collaborate with?
The first one was KREAS (us again…hahaha), The Anal Treatment XXXperience and Necrorgasm. KREAS was actually a band created by members from us and Nekroi Bakogiannides. The Anal Treatment XXXperience and Necrorgasm are good friends so…yes, the first one was pretty much family. All Greek bands. The second one was with Paroxysmal Butchering, Goemagot, Abdicate and Catatonic Rigidity. For this one I worked the idea with Barrett from mighty Sevared Records who also sang for Catatonic Rigidity. I also knew Tim from Paroxysmal Butchering. Barrett brought Goemagot and Abdicate to complete the bill and the rest is history.

What were your two earliest full lengths titled, and are copies of those still available for stream or purchase?
The first one of 2007 with the title “Blasphemous Theologies” and the second one of 2013 with the title “Disciples of the Garrotte”. Both of them are sold out! Not printing many copies from our albums (and not really interested in re-printing any of them) so they are getting sold out pretty easy. They can be easily found for streaming on the internet.

What songs on “Dawn of Dismemberment” do you think best represent the band musically? What songs do you think need some improvement overall?
I like playing all of them! You twist my arm enough though to pick one, I’d have to go with the title track. I believe it has most elements we like to mess with, in it. That and “Baptized in Anal Discharge”….Had to pick two eventually…Haha.

Overall, how much of an improvement is “Deeds of Debauchery” from “Dawn of Dismemberment” musically, technically and lyrically? In reference to your above answer, how much more disgusting are the lyrics of the EP than those on the album?
Technically it is a step above. I believe we have improved as players since “Dawn of Dismemberment” and this eventually has affected our writing skills…Lyrically it is more disgusting I believe...Or at least I hope it is… Hahaha.

Do you have ideas in mind for the next EP or full length you plan to follow up with? How much further do you want to take the band’s music and lyrics?
Actually no! There are many riffs waiting to be laid down and worked upon but we’ve done nothing so far. Covid, lockdown and all that shit is preventing us from getting productive as a band…

How well known do you want Incineration to become outside Greece; places like the UK, Canada, Mexico and the US?
We mostly wanna tour to those places. We don’t care so much bout if we are known or not… It is not that we don’t like to have fans of our music around the world. We like it. But we mostly wanna tour around the world even if nobody knows us…Haha…Get my point?

-Dave Wolff

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