Thursday, August 5, 2021

EP Review: Waking Dream (The Cannibal Fae Of) "Psych Ward Zombie EP" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Location: Manhattan, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Gothic, experimental
EP: Psych Ward Zombie EP
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: November 12, 2020
After interviewing Eurithia Tachinidae and Lyra Daydream of Waking Dream (The Cannibal Fae Of) last November, I felt compelled to listen to them. I’ve always been attracted to the beauty I saw in dark music, something others were unable or unwilling to see, and found worth in bands with the nerve and foresight to reveal said beauty, intentionally or not.
This Manhattan duo dives deeply into darker mental and psychological states untouched by many except for horror storytellers skirting the outer fringes of darker mental and psychological states, all the while knowing they were on the safe side of sanity. These darker states are almost impossible to fully understand unless you’ve “been there”. There is a method to their madness as you’ll realize if you take time to understand the broken places where people find themselves after traumatic experiences in their lives.
To leave rationality and normalcy behind and at least partly experience traumatized frenzy check out “Psych Ward Zombie EP” but be warned your perception of reality, of life and death, may not be exactly the same afterward. Rather than demanding attention, Waking Dream induces a subtle modicum of inquisitiveness as to the darkness and dementia they reveal. Once you enter they let you stay for some time, allowing this darkness and dementia to sink in through constant shifting of moods and musical influences.
Not knowing what influences to expect is an integral part of the journey, be it goth, electronic, or trance. This band doesn’t plan to evolve but evolve organically from what they previously composed.
Where beauty in darkness fits stems from fear of the unknown, what the band describes as unexplainable and scientifically unproven. Hidden truths of the universe are finally revealed in their entirety when our souls leave the physical world. The trauma we experience and that Waking Dream incorporates into this EP is connected to the fear of death, the moment our last vestige of mortality hangs to mortal existence. But once we’re past that, according to Eurithia and Lyra, death is not something to be feared.
“Psych Ward Zombie EP” is the latest step in this journey toward understanding the universe. Jim Morrison and the Doors sought to break on through; from their early recordings to this one Waking Dream carry the torch for them and are well on their way to doing so. –Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Psych Ward Zombie
2. Catharsis

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