Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Full Length Review: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy "A Cult That Worships A God Of Death" (Learning Curve Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Country: USA
Genre: Post-hardcore
Full Length: A Cult That Worships A God Of Death
Format: Digital, vinyl
Label: Learning Curve Records (USA)
Release date: July 15, 2021
Gun to my head.
If you had me forced to answer what I found the most underrated or should I say most overlooked form of music is, I’d say ‘noise’.
For a lot of people, noise isn’t even a genre that they are aware of. It’s found in the deepest part of our favourite genres and sub genres, used by only the most specific or most creative of artists.
In this case, we take a look at another shining star in the world of ‘Bandcamp’ and take a look into the mind of a group of individuals who aren’t satisfied with the norm and a decision that I am more than happy to hear.
-A Cult That Worships A God Of Death by The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.
So, this is a new album by a new band, something I’m quite fond of finding these days and among these 8 tracks you can find variety unlike many other albums I’ve come across.
To me this isn’t just a band being diverse for the hell of it, within the limitless sounds and layers waved you have the very real feeling of almost on an ‘ominous’ presence track for track.
Within my listens I discovered elements of
-Post Rock
-Sludge Metal
-Groove Metal
-Power Violence
-Alternative Metal
-Ambient and more
I will be honest, after the manic episode that was the intro track I was hoping for a more ‘out there’ sound and experience.
This isn’t too say I don’t love what they did but I guess after such a opener I was excited to see if they could push the boundaries even further sonically and aesthetically.
Although not initially what I expected the production and the platter variety presented to the listener is nothing short of amazing! You have all the above mentioned influences coming together to form this mesh of sorts which all tie together in perfect harmony using what can only be described as ‘magical syncing’.
I say this because normally an album that dives so strongly into a typhoon of different sounds will usually be at the artists’ downfall as it takes way too much effort (normally) to sync everything together but somehow and someway this band does the mission impossible of the metal scene!
All in all, I’m being more vague then normal here because I want you all to give this a listen and experience the wonders for yourself. I could describe everything just fine but I feel even my words couldn’t do this project justice, listen and feel the aura! –Corban Skipwith

James Woodard: Guitars, vocals, synth
Mario Trejo: Bass
Steven Barrera: Drums

Track list:
1. Untitled
2. The Act Of Buying Groceries
3. Charging Bull
4. Tennessee
5. The Pastor's Pockets
6. A Cult That Worships A God Of Death, Parts I-IV
7. Bullet Curtain
8. サウンドチェック

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