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Full Length Review: V:28 "Live In Arendal 2008" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: V:28
Location: Arendal
Country: Norway
Genre: Atmospheric electronic black/death metal
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: January 21, 2018
Who’s ready for a live album? Let’s Go!
V:28 with ‘Live In Arendal 2008’.
It’s so exciting for me when I get to review new things and I can tell you now it’s not that often I get to review live albums so I was exacted by this.
When reading the bio of the band they claim to be a ‘Half Man-Half Machine’ band. Can you get any cooler than that? If that alone doesn’t make you want to listen to this album then you’re lying.
So the first thing that stuff out to me was how ‘theatrical’ it felt in nature, it felt like I was watching a Metal documentary or something, or imagine a Metal David Attenborough! (That would be quite the scene) but that’s the strong almost ‘cinematically’ vibrant this felt.
When we talk about the music itself I would describe it to be variants of
-Death Metal
-Symphonic Metal
-Black Metal
Sharing back and forth the different influences and inspirations incorporated into their music, you’ll hear the loud, violent moving of the drums and guitar when the ‘Death’ flavour comes in, vice versa you will hear strong symphonic keys and dramatic elements play out on the Symphonic Metal appears.
What’s good about this is the way in which they switch between and at times blend the different genres, it doesn’t sound messy at all. The combinations are swift and technical, not leaving any real possibility for poor mashing and awkward temp shifts, it’s clean, cut and executed in the highest of ways.
I’ll tell you most of the times listening to this I completely forgot it was a live album, I had to always remind myself as I preview the new song titles that it says ‘LIVE’ on the album cover.
I mean from time to time you hear the crowd cheering but once the next song hits it’s all quiet again.
Also frequent in this album are these interesting sound clips of people talking and different actions being done that plays all through the album beginning, middle and end.
As I wasn’t there Live and I’m listening to it and not watching it I don’t know if these clips were performed live as in they were video clips that everyone was physically watching or if it was just audio but regardless of which it was, it gives a strong sense of theatre mixed with the album, as if it was released as an ‘experience’ rather than a body of work.
I highly recommend this album for anyone who is looking for something new and fresh, for people who are after a strong Metal performance, what I’m trying to say is this album will be for everyone. It has a little bit for all and I feel if you give this a try especially in a closed off environment you will feel something you’ve never felt in Metal before. –Corban Skipwith

Eddie Risdal: Vocals, guitars
Kristoffer Oustad: Guitars
Atle Johansen: Bass

Track list:
1. Perspective
2. Soldier Of The Neverending War
3. A Prophecy Written In Uranium
4. DeConstructor
5. World Wide Bombing Day
6. Desert Generator
7. When Entropy Decreases

This review can also be read at Corban Skipwith's Facebook group Relentless Reviews With Corbz. -DW

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