Saturday, May 14, 2022

Full Length Review: SOM "The Shape Of Everything" (Pelagic Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: SOM
Genre: Atmospheric doom-pop
Format: Digital, 8XFile, CD, LP, limited edition evergreen LP, limited edition green translucent with white splatter LP, limited edition green clear brown translucent striped LP, limited edition stereo edition (animals edition)
Label: Pelagic Records (Germany)
Release date: January 21, 2022
Another day for another review and this time we are going for a more ‘ambient rock’ sort of vibe which is never a bad thing, I know I cover a lot of heavier acts but I enjoy all types of sub genres and styles. In fact some of my favourite albums are
-Weather Systems by Anathema, Writing Of Blues and Yellows by Billie Marten and YS by Joanne Newsom so I love when an album can incorporate the most ‘delicate’ and ‘harmonic’ elements and turn them into something amazing and this is exactly what’s happened here!
The way this band fused the various elements of ‘soft rock, ambient, lo fi, hard rock and ASMR’ is truly brilliant, you can hear how careful they are in what goes where and how they do it, you can hear the precise execution in the instrumentation and also in the vocals how specific they are depending on the song, tempo, groove everything is done with purpose and I can’t appreciate a band enough who takes this time (especially) when working with such risky elements like this that could hinder an album ‘boring or slow’ if done wrong but these guys have walked that narrow line and came out successfully on the other end!
So go check out these guys as they pull off a modern day sensation! Corban Skipwith

Will Benoit: Vocals, guitars
Mike Repasch-Nieves: Guitars
Joel M. Reynolds: Guitars
Justin Forrest: Bass
Duncan Rich: Drums

Track list:
1. Moment
2. Animals
3. Center
4. Shape
5. Clocks
6. Wrong
7. Heart Attack
8. Son of Winter

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