Sunday, May 15, 2022

Poem: "Feast" by Alison Stone

Alison Stone

Give me ice cream and obsidian.
The dark, the frozen parts of you
are sweet forbidden.
Feed me peaches to
tickle my tongue, seed-rich juices of fresh
tomatoes, the bread of flesh.
Share with me sunlight of honey,
salt delivered to my skin by ocean froth,
your tongue translating bluejays' tangy
notes. To hold such life in my mouth!

Fear -- our guest
in black robes, toothless
uninvited angel, whispering curses
on the banquet he will never taste --
has kissed you. With lips sealed,
you stand apart from me
like a beaten child refusing food
to pretend the hunger is voluntary.

Love ripe and dangerous around
us, you brush my skin with one thumb
and retreat as burned.
Swimmers in autumn,
we stand trunk deep in a lake full
and sweet as a bowl
of fruit. Dive with me or we will
stay uncertain, safe, and unfulfilled.

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