Saturday, May 28, 2022

Single Review: Impact "Hometown" (Savage Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Impact
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock, metal
Single: Hometown
Format: Digital, promotional video
Label: Savage Records
Release date: May 13, 2022
It’s time for singles review again and I must say we must be catching on to some of kind trend as of late because on my last review I said how it was refreshing to get a little break from the really heavy shit and today we continue the trend with these funky boys who without a doubt know how to make an ‘impact’.
So what we have here is a song that resembles old school ‘Classic Rock’, ‘Hard Rock’, ‘Blues’ and ‘Hair Metal’ era sound with those kick ass yet smooth guitar strings, those catchy drum patterns and that ever so caramel sweet Bass strings to just bring the whole thing home, I love it. I love the vibe this song gives off as I said it’s very reminiscent of the ‘Classic’ era of Rock with a slight modern day feel which is really bringing the best of both worlds together!
Speaking of impressive the singer Joe Hanson is an absolute beast with his craft. I can feel every note, every vocal cord, every octave he uses I can feel it in my bones! His melody is comparable to the boys back in the day such as
-David Lee Roth
-Ian Gillian
-Bret Michaels and more!
So considering this, it’s no wonder why this track is so smooth, heartfelt and yet bitchin at the same time. Faithful nod to the golden era and a catchy, groovy track all same.
Do yourselves a favor and go check out this song! It has everything you could ever want from a Rock song! Corban Skipwith

Joe Hanson: Lead vocals
Morris Ramon: Lead guitar, vocals
Danny: Rhythm guitar
Dan Ringer: Bass guitar
Ian Hendrik: Drums, vocals, keys

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