Saturday, June 4, 2022

Single Review: Incognito Theory "Gravesland" (Ragebreed Records/Global International UK) by Corban Skipwith

Location: Kearny, New Jersey
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, metal
Single: Gravesland
Format: Digital
Label: Ragebreed Records/Global International UK
Release date: May 19, 2022
Singles review time and boy do I have a treat for all of you! This is one hell of a song.
There’s so much to enjoy about this, such as those heavy yet groovy handed drum sequences and that badass guitar pattern that is so technical and creative yet catchy and full of rhythm that it becomes one of those riffs that just stay in your head for days after.
I love the almost ‘country’ vibe, you know that biker ‘drinking at pubs, smoking cigars and roughing people up’ that type of sonic aesthic running through the track something you’d hear on a ‘Black Label Society’ song or ‘Rev Theory’ vibe either way it’s awesome.
The vocal performances are also heavy and raspy with that low intensity singing style that you don’t find in most bands, whoever this guy is based on his voice along he must be one hell of an alpha male or badass, I can tell.
In closing, you won’t find a more alpha track then this all year most probably! It’s groovy, kick ass, energy driven and technical! What more could you want as a metal head? Corban Skipwith

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