Sunday, May 26, 2024

Full Length Review: Witchsword "Demo III" (Anti-Christ Propaganda) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Witchsword
Country: USA
Genre: Raw black metal
Demo: Demo III
Format: Cassette (limited to 200 copies)
Label: Anti-Christ Propaganda
Release date: March 22, 2024
Feeling like an eerie blast of cold black metal I made my way to YouTube. I listened to a handful of bands—but they weren’t really offering what my vibes were calling for. After a while I landed on “Demo III” by Witchsword!
Witchsword hails from the US and this particular demo is just under 18 minutes long. From intro to entry track I could tell this was a pretty standard blast of low-fidelity BM—with that said, the vibes were correct for my mood and the production quality was exactly what I was looking for!
A one man project of a “Lord Noxam”—this demo showcases tracks that will be available on his forth-coming full length! I’d for sure be interested in taking a listen to that release—as if it is anything like what is presented I’m sure it would be a real winner! Throughout what is offered here I can hear a strong Burzum influence I might add!
The only negative thing I have to say is that I do wish the percussion was a bit heavier/louder in the mix. A good treble oriented approach does fit well with black metal…but I feel as if the atmosphere presented would be enhanced with a louder drum sound!
None the less—this is a great little demo and I’d imagine it would sound pretty rad on cassette or something. Cop it! -Devin J. Meaney

Lord Noxam: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Intro
2. In The Depths of The Forest
3. Interlude
4. Resurrection of The Strigoi

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