Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CD Review: MYRD Forbandet Fra Foedsel by Dave Wolff

Forbandet Fra Foedsel
Purity Through Fire
Myrd is a black metal band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the locale that bestowed Mercyful Fate and King Diamond upon us all those years past. Mercyful Fate was one of the bands from the thrash scene that left a lasting impression at the impressionable age of seventeen. While perhaps it’s something to do with the country’s social climate this Danish band has a similar dark appeal on Forbandet Fra Foedsel. It’s as likely that the guitar progressions the band writes contain engaging chord changes. Listening closely I heard the guitar riffs heading in directions I hadn’t expected them to take. Their delivery is as cold and unnerving as the atmosphere and production they were recorded with, not to mention the accompanying themes of darkness and depression. In this manner of speaking Myrd has a decent handle of what it means to play black metal. I’m listening to them at night while channeling my thoughts into words, which increases the intended effect. It’s even making me want to turn the light, off so I can appreciate it more fully. I think the drum sound could use a certain degree of improvement so it better matches the feel of the guitars (especially the solitary parts in some of the tracks. But another element that really carries the material is the vocal style which is so close to sounding like a corpse emerging from its tomb it chills your spine twice over. The singer’s diabolical laughter and maniacally agonized cries are more than sufficient to unnerve you even if the guitars don’t. If you like old Darkthrone and Ancient you’ll like this. The band’s latest full length Longing For Death (a limited edition 12” vinyl split with Nocturnal Depression and Vspolokh) was released in 2014, likewise by Purity Through Fire. -Dave Wolff

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