Sunday, September 27, 2015

CD Review: CRYPTIC REALMS "Eve Of Fatality" (Independent) by Abyss Forgottentomb

Eve Of Fatality
A great stuff as many others, Crpitic Realms reminds a little of the death metal band Obituary, with the beginning full of suspense before attacking straight away like a cavalry with the drums and the strings. It's not a kind of musical soup; it's really something you enjoy listening to, well-balanced and technically good. Not too noisy like some bands I know; there are those who jam properly and those who think they're really good. This band is certainly not the kind of commercial soup that make your ears "vomit" but they really deserve a great place on stage with the best bands. No doubt about it. If you really wanna know more about them, please follow them on Facebook. -Abyss Forgottentomb

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