Friday, September 11, 2015

CD Review: DISINFECT “Screams Of Pleasure” (Metal Age Productions) by Dave Wolff

Screams Of Pleasure
Metal Age Productions
Brutality, thy name is Disinfect. This German band launches a full assault upon your senses with a recording that displays brutality, professionalism and ability. I expected potential in those departments but not this much. I’ve always maintained death metal requires talent and endurance to play convincingly, a point effortlessly backed by musicians taking free reign with their songwriting. Hearing Screams Of Pleasure even for a few minutes makes you forget the last decade’s mainstream trends in metal, building on the finest aspects of brutal death its formative years established, The glorious 90s I can’t refrain from raving about. If that era is special to you, and you suspect it’s a thing of the past, one listen to this album will convince you otherwise. If you made it a point to remain hardline and ignore trends of any kind, it will further validate you sticking to your guns. To me the best underground recordings contain a feel of the classic era; the more similar the better. Intended or not, the selections hearken to the finest moments of Deicide, Immolation, Internal Bleeding and even Cryptopsy; a handful of the most memorable bands from D/M’s formative years; with lead and backing vocals to match. In spite of preconceptions, death metal vocalists can hold a note as well as any singer. I would even go as far as to say some death metal vocalists have more talent than ‘legitimate’ singers, for their discipline and technique of guttural vocals. Martin Offenwanger goes a long way toward mastering that discipline, given his depth and intonation. A band needs vocals as intense as these to equal the musicianship, especially considering the guitar progressions’ unpredictability and the tight precision of the drums. There are even several moments of low-pitched vocal/high-pitched vocal harmonies, adding to the 90s death metal feel. Sceams Of Pleasure might sound like an odd title for a death metal album, but when you read all the lyrics you’ll see how it fits. -Dave Wolff

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