Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CD Review: ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH "Infected" (Turkey Vulture) by Michelle Liberati

Turkey Vulture
Hearing Zombie Death Stench for the first time I find this band interesting. Technically you can refer to them as Death Metal but in a way they have an interesting mix of what I might call “horror metal” mainly due to the content they use that includes things like zombies (obviously), gore and death. In a way it makes you just want to watch some old school horror flicks then go moshing.
Zombie Death Stench has been around since 2004 and is currently signed to Turkey Vulture Records. They have put out a share of albums in the past and back in July they most recently put out there new album entitled “Infected.” I really enjoyed listening to this album and even wanted to replay it after I heard it for the first time. Infected embraces both 1980s death metal roots and adds a modern touch to it. To me it is like Obituary meets Ghoul mixed together. The groovy drum playing and both clean and extreme vocals in this album make it very catchy and the riffs and solos definitely make it something that you want to remember when you hear this album. It is not so much a slamming type of death metal but something more along the lines of atmospheric with a bit of aggression tied into it. “Infected” is an entertaining album, fun to listen to and does not lack creativity at all. I definitely suggest listening to it or getting a copy if you can. You can easily find them on Facebook, Soundcloud and off their label Turkey Vulture Records. Rating:  9/10 -Michelle Liberati

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