Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CD Review: NOYADES Self-titled

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Noyades offers a total psychedelic, jazzy rock garage sound. It reminds me of The Curse (Sweden) and many others. It's powerful, explosive, and makes us think about the old bands from the 70's at the same time. It's even a bit punk. I have listened to many rock bands like Zoé (France) who you can find at and who has played several pieces like this in their songs. I could mention Jimi Hendrix too. I listened to the three tracks easily because they sounded great. Of course it's not black/death metal, but they’re just wonderful nuggets. If there were lyrics, I think clear vocals would fit awesomely. The first track "Reflects" is about the movement on the surface of the water. It moves slowly, then faster, and the surface is never calm for much longer. It's bright when sunlight is hitting it, and it can make you blind for a few seconds. The masterpiece called "Reflects" sounds garage after the beginning. The hot 70's sound at 7:15 reminds me a bit of summer. The band Ange has also played lots of long musical pieces. If you don't know them, you can discover their music at Or you can listen to one of their songs on Youtube (one of my favorite is called "Le Cimetière Des Arlequins" translated as “The Arlequins’ Cemetery”). One thing is sure, this band deserve to have attention paid to their music. If you are not convinced, it's because your ears are off. -Abyss Forgottentomb

Track list:
1. Reflects
2. Mevlana
3. Bear Rider

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