Saturday, August 6, 2016

Video Review: REVOCATION Arbiters of the Apocalypse by Heather Dawson

Arbiters of the Apocalypse
From the 2016 full length Great Is Our Sin (Metal Blade Records)
Lineup changes can really challenge a band. Especially when you're referring to a tight sounding thrash metal band that can stop and turn on a dime and the drummer is the player in flux. How the rest of the outfit rolls with these changes can make or break a band. Lucky for metal heads everywhere Revocation's new drummer, Ash Pearson, is a perfect fit for their complex but solid sound. A truly hard hitting finesse percussionist, Pearson plays his crushing style with a jazz swing. We all know the famous stories about bands replacing drummers and skyrocketing to their fame and fortune, this may be the case with Revocation. I needn't tell you all how maligned drummers are in the world but how unbelievably integral or (more likely) the leader in their bands. And you can hear it in this effort. But the beauty of this addition is that no one player seems to shine brighter than another. These guys are linked sonically and psychically. This extremely thoughtful and intelligent group of souls come together to use their powers for good in their new video 'Arbiters of the Apocalypse', a track from their new release 'Great is our Sin'. After five albums this force of nature could have continued to push out works in a similar vein without blinking a collective eye. Let's face it, this is not your run of the mill metal band. There is a grace in Revocation that comes from self-awareness without hyper ego. This grace is carefully employed as they move together to greater heights. They know what they are capable of and they know what it takes to reach their goals. But while they are a humble bunch; there's no false modesty here; these are amazing musicians. Lead singer and guitarist David Davidson flows flawlessly between demon chants and masculine melodies that draw you close to the music. But I just want to point out what ties this all together is the freight train behind the whole project in Pearson. 'Great is our Sin' is the project that culminates years of preparation for Revocation. Doubled with the driving bottom of Brett Bramberger, the Revocation rhythm section holds the music in place and provides space for Davidson to dive in and through the songs. This effort is truly a collaboration of cool and smarts.
I've thought about this title a bit, 'Great is our Sin'. One of the greatest sins in the Christian mythology is to challenge God. To make yourself as great as him or compare yourself to him. It may be that Revocation's sin is knowing their worth and touching the divine. -Heather Dawson

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