Friday, August 26, 2016

Video Review: SODOM Caligula by Dave Wolff

From the 2016 full length Decision Day (SPV)
Sodom along with Tankard, Destruction and Kreator were the German equivalent of the American Big Four, helping shape German thrash metal for years to come. Admittedly upon first hearing their debut EP I thought they were just a noise band with no talent to speak of, but there was something about the chaotic songwriting I found appealing. Once they grew on me I was hooked and began anticipating new material, which turned out to be Obsessed By Cruelty. Many people in the underground thought it was complete crap, but I liked the ideas brought to it (particularly the lyrics) even if the recording and production were less than impressive. Fortunately Expurse Of Sodomy and Persecution Mania proved they could pull off professional studio jobs and produce quality thrash, and eventually they would be considered equal to their peers. The professionalism Tom Angelripper and his band painstakingly developed on underground classics to come such as Masquerade In Blood, Code Red, M16 and In War And Pieces is represented in the first song previewed from the new album Decision Day (which is being released on this day). The other aspect of Sodom’s signature sound that has remained to this day is Angelripper’s distorted bass and ‘gargling on vomit’ vocals you’ll remember from their aforementioned debut EP. Also his affinity for Motorhead, a long time inspiration. This is definitely not Persecution Mania all over again but their progression has resulted from pleasing themselves and their fans first, and as such you’ll find it honest if you’ve been a fan for an extended period. My only complaint here is that the chorus tends to being a little repetitive and the lyrics could use some improvement but these are minor complaints. The song is unmistakably Sodom, the subject matter fits their concept and the band show no signs of slowing down after all this time. Can’t wait to hear the entire album -Dave Wolff

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