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Documentary Review: Secrets Of The Occult by Walter Sahjaza

Secrets Of The Occult (Real Magicians And Sorcerers) - Paranormal Documentary
Documentary review by Elder Walter Warlock Sahjaza
This documentary is indeed a very deep and much more profound source of information and proven facts through the various periods of mankind's history itself than one will first believe it to be if judging the whole documentary by its Title.
The Documentary shows the escalation of mankind's wisdom since the origins of the secret science learned from the Ancient Ancestors of Mankind's society. They had the ability to study, prove, try, experiment and analyze the unknown using their own techniques to discover the different aspects of the Universal laws of Chemistry, Physics, Astrology without modern technology. They presented their discoveries and findings by creating the most amazing monuments based on their ability to master Science at levels, that to this day remain a mystery along with unknown knowledge of their techniques and technology these remain a challenge to today's scholars and science making it impossible to reproduce today.
Those same Experts only agree with one theory, the monuments were built with the purpose of worshiping Deities, Goddess, or Gods. Even if those very same Scholars are skeptical towards any spiritual influence they still attribute the most creative period in history to the Gods and Goddess of the Occult Science, instead to looking for answers in the Science of The Occult.
They base their discoveries on a restricted spectrum of possibilities dictated by the pre-conception of reality and matter, yet the latest theories from the greatest names of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics recognize the universe is 99.9^9% energy flowing from one direction to another, pulsing in rhythms due to different frequencies in different polarities. That concept was written over 2000 years ago, and can be found in the Works of Thoth or Hermes the Trismegistus, and the chronology of events since can be found in this Amazing documentary.
The Golden Age was doomed when the masses of ignorant men learned how to improperly use the teachings from the ancients by labeling all the wisdom from ancient Science as a heresy against the newest weapons of massive destruction called monotheistic religion. All records of God, Goddess, and The Divine was kept away from all mankind and the need of a broker or office of facilitation to reconcile Men and God was born, chopping down the ascension of Humanity while mutilating, killing, kidnapping, torturing, and brainwashing in the Name of the Loved God became commonplace. Condemned to death were those who dared to proceed and search for the truth themselves under the Accusation of Witchcraft and Practice of Black Magick or Magick.
By means of torture The Saint Inquisition managed to acquire every single last drop of wisdom and knowledge from the "Pagans", almost erasing the ancient knowledge from the face of earth, translating documents to a language only the Church and clericals could understand, and making the wisdom a forbidden activity except when in name of god.
Mankind entered then the Dark Ages, and science was only allowed again during the Renaissance, where The word magick and witchcraft was be replaced by Art, Science, Astronomy, Mathematics and Philosophy. One link was lost and still today is considered taboo, the Art of The Occult, or the Occult Art, the power of will.

This document reviews one very exciting and exhilarating Documentary recommended and referred by, High-Elder Lady Priestess Liath Sahjaza, Headmistress of the Academy of the Grey Mistics, and Priestess of the Sahjaza. My grade of this film is four stars and a must watch very well produced and executed study of The Art of The Great Science, The Science of the Occult.
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