Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CD Review: EPOCH Sacrosanct (Lavadome Productions) by Simon Brown

Belgian act Epoch deliver a particularly nasty racket in the vein of Bephelgor, Abominator, Marduk and other blackened death metal acts. Production wise, “Sacrosanct” is pieced together quite well with drums, guitars, bass and vocals all delivered at the correct volume. For a band of this genre, that is no mean feat itself. As expected, the drumming will blast the listener out of existence through sheer ferocity, the vocals employ a diverse range of growls and rasps whilst the strings work their buzzsaw magic. “Vision Absolute” is the standout track for this release, capturing apocalyptic nihilism at its best. “Altered States” offers respite from the all-out blast of the previous two tracks which makes this band rise above other bands who play at one pace for the sake of speed. At eight tracks, this album can seem a bit long, however Epoch rise above this by at least employing variations in tempo, albeit briefly. The bass intro on “Ichneumon” shows a band not afraid to carefully arrange their songs, despite most of it being played at warp speed. “Hangman Paradox” has some nice tapping work from the lead guitarist and is the only song on the album which holds sustained tempo variation. The final two tracks, whilst good, are solid Bephelgor worship. Released via Lavadome Productions. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. To Datechon, ho Katechon
2. Vision Absolute
3. Altered States
4. Nine
5. Ichneumon
6. Hangman Paradox
7. Fear Ritual
8. Sacrosanct

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