Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CD Review: MORDBRAND Wilt (Carnal Records) by Simon Brown

Carnal Records
Sounding very much in the vein of early Dismember, Dissection, Entombed and Unleashed with the Gothenburg sound in production and delivery, Mordbrand’s “Wilt” manages to deliver. Whilst the marriage of Dismember and Dissection may be strong in the sound of this band, they are no Watain or Sacramentum. In saying that, fans of the style will not be disappointed by any means. This is a very good release. “Bleed Into Nought” sets the atmosphere which is continued in “Delivering the Gods.” This is a band which effectively mixes fast and slow riffs staying true to Swedish blackened death stylings of the early 90’s. This is a band who fly the Swedish flag with pride and it comes through in their compositions and delivery. Production wise, very much “Pieces” era Dismember sounding and compositionally Mordbrand owe much to the first two Dissection albums. Fans of the style who can get past these obvious influences will enjoy this release. I particularly enjoy the distorted bass and crunch of the guitars. It is something I wish more bands would do when they say they “experiment.” The drums keep excellent time and have the right sound for this style. The vocals are adequate and do not detract from the release in any way, though are slightly one-dimensional. “At the Larvae Column” is a crunching song, guaranteed to snap necks, employing excellent blast technique and a highlight of the release. “Throes of Glorious Death” tends to drag a bit unfortunately, however “To Pursue Damnation” makes up for it. At nine tracks, this release is the perfect length. Released on Carnal Records, highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Bleed into Nought
2. Delivering the Gods
3. Worship Predation
4. At the Larvae Column
5. Throes of Glorious Death
6. To Pursue Damnation
7. Venomous Myrrh
8. Wilt
9. Give In to Oblivion

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