Tuesday, February 28, 2017

EP Review: VORZUG Three (Apollyon Entertainment) by Simon Brown

Apollyon Entertainment
Entering forth with what only can be described as melodic blackened death metal, Arizona’s Vorzug offer up quite an interesting and entertaining 3 track 7-inch release. Officially released as a single, “Three” is quite well produced without being overdone nor holding the usual clichés most melodic metal can be guilty of. The guitars and bass have the perfect sound for the style though I found the snare drum a tad muted by the double kick. A minor issue, really. Probably the weakest part of the release were the growled vocals, lacking the grunt needed, however the screams which countered had the required strength in delivery. “The Ever Living” is quite an exciting introduction to this band and a solid first track for any release. Following up, the next track “Under a Dying Sun” was simply not as good. The reason being the riffs really didn’t seem to fit together and flow, however the solo saves the song. It is an example of a progressive influence which is trying too much rather than letting the riffs connect organically. “Nocturnity” leads in via method of a nice bass intro which is something not often heard in many modern releases. It also returns this release into territory the band should stick to as the second song really doesn’t work for this style at all. Released via Apollyon Entertainment, “Three” is definitely worth a listen. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. The Ever Living
2. Under a Dying Sun
3. Nocturnity

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