Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Moneychangers!' by Rich Orth


Within Demon's whisper
Charlatan's praise god's word
of he who delegates shoulders
Of falsitudes absurd
As fire, brimstone smolder
Divisiveness goes undisturbed
Decisiveness grows colder
As lines blurred
Drive us to a new world
Ordered..quartered by...
One mistaken for truth...
Altered sacrifice
no longer soothes
Altars of necromancy
consume accused
Lost...never to be found
Amazingness wretches
at brethren's sound
For leather bound lies
written by unknown hand...
Guide...Divide brothers and sisters
Wherest heart and soul had reigned
Moneychangers release antiquity
All fears lies bestow...
Crow murder in the night
To insanity's delight

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