Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Off My Knees' by Heather Dawson

Off My Knees

Walk passed that door
The draft was too much
I closed it
I should have years before

The breath left my body and
For years and years it escaped
My lungs

But I wait no more
I ask no more
The wax I burn for other
The petals crush in the mortar
and pistil for another

Chances thrown to you
Now I am a sparrow
Grounded and you want your
Time to play - it's not for me

If it is fire you want
Go build it in your hearth
If you've let the ember die
It was not from my heart

I belong to none but mine own mind
I will not bend my head.
Sheath your want - get behind me
Baphomet - I will let the cool air
Blow through my hair

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