Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Ancient Terror Awaken' by Skitz J. Fitch

Ancient Terror Awaken
Ancient and sacred I am from the depths I climb onto solid ground I crawl.
Eating dirt and spewing my blackened words upon your kind I am hear to bend your ear and twist your mind .
Holy I am though most would call me Evil I am the deepest emotion hiding in your soul.
Many shall come to worship me either by free will or down on bent knee I am your Hate I am your anger I am your deepest revolt.
I am your dark God thus start the age of the Peoples Cult No goat shall be found here nor the slaughter of the lamb.
All shall wither in this age as blood is to be sacrificed to the land, Raise the Blade read the dark scripture aloud bring my word to life sever your idols heads upon my throne let masses twist and groan.
Grind there marrow into my meal devouring all they were spewing what's left upon my growing field.
Yield unto me the unholy crop of the new race purged from the light , we are coming for you old gods for it is you we shall smite.

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