Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CD Review: PESTIFER Execration Diatribes (Lavadome Productions) by Simon Brown

Lavadome Productions
The Portuguese trio Pestifer has arrived to wide-spread an apocalyptic rapture with its debut album entitled "Execration Diatribes". The album contains nine enraging compositions of old school Death Metal havoc and was released on February 14, 2017. "Execration Diatribes" is essentially what Death Metal is and should be in terms of thinking, performance, composition and attitude. Production wise, perfectly produced with all instruments clear, vocals nicely rasped rather than growled. Guitars have a nice crunch and the incredible bass playing shines through while the drums blast away. Great use of arpeggios in the solo of “Mars Exult” whilst “Brutal Eruption of Chaos” holds menacingly chunky riffs interspersed with high speed sections. At nine songs with an average length of around four and a half minutes, the album is at a good length. To give the listener an idea of sound, the best approximation of this band would be a cross between Nile and Immolation. Having said that, Pestifer stand out better than both previously mentioned bands for not relying on clich├ęs. “Awaken by Death” showcases this band’s unique style and is the highlight of the release. I look forward to hearing more of this band in the future. Released via Lavadome Productions, highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. March of the Dead Orchestra
2. Mars Exult
3. Brutal Eruption of Chaos
4. Dark Dimensions
5. Enslavement of God
6. Awaken by Death
7. Nothing Remains
8. Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVI
9. Confront Death

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