Friday, February 10, 2017

EP Review: AXIS OF DESPAIR Mankind Crawls (Give Praise Records) by Simon Brown

Give Praise Records
Excellently produced grindcore which manages to still convince the listener of the brutality on offer. With 6 songs spanning 9 minutes 32 seconds and featuring members of Coldworker, Nasum, Infanticide, Livet Som Insats, this a very good quality release. “Enclave” features some of the fastest non-triggered drumming I have ever heard. As one would expect, the guitars vary between hardcore stylings and all out blast with the bass essentially keeping the whole act together. Thankfully the bass does this and adds some nice fills in the few moments there is not all out blast. The vocals do well to showcase the fury this genre holds and do not detract from the compositions. The listener can also make out some of the nihilistic lyrics spat out. What this release proves is an artist CAN make a release well produced yet not lose any spontaneity, passion or attention to detail in composition. Nor does this release sound derivative as so many artists do who go down the digital production path. Standout tracks are “The Last Sight,” “Enclave” and “Skulking.” Most highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. The Last Sight
2. En Vansinnesdans
3. Enclave
4. Under The Surface
5. Skulking
6. Life On Standby

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