Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CD Review: AKRAL NECROSIS Underlight

This is some rather punishing black metal from Bucharest in Europe. Akral Necrosis are a talented bunch too... this is technically accomplished black metal.... off the top of my head i can't think of that much to relate it too as it also crosses into death metal territory with some "off tap" (as we aussies like to call it) guitar work. Akral Necrosis have the usual black metal riffage and brutal as all hell drumming but it is never sloppy or off time, this is very professional stuff. Upon listening to there are some cool ethnic scales displayed in the guitar playing (middle eastern sounding stuff) and strange dropped chords which make for a truly ethereal atmosphere, which is hard to do when playing so fast. The lads apparently came together from a bunch of 'melodic bands' and their command of melodies certainly shines through on this release.
I have nothing to say about these guys that is a top notch release and very professionally presented music the recording quality is excellent and every note and nuance in the music comes through well. Put simply, these guys have kicked my ass. I’m not the only one either as these guys have shared the stage with luminaries such as Rotting Christ, Hecate Enthroned, Ancient Rites, Absu and Septic Flesh (amongst many others.
All I can say is HAIL AKRAL NECROSIS and give the guys a like on Facebook-Reggae

Track list:
1. Separator
2. King in Yellow
3. Saturnian Gallows
4. Exhortatio ad Bellum
5. Purge
6. Sin Gauntlet
7. Hounds of Plague
8. Blackthrone
9. Underlight

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