Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CD Review: THE CRUCIFIER/HATE YOUR FATE Split (Floga Records) by Reggae

Split CD
This is a neat little listen and a quick shot in the arm if you need a mid to late 80's injection of crossover/thrash/crust mainlined right up your arm.
There is nothing particularly original about this ... That is not to say there's anything wrong with it; in fact it is really good! Sometimes there is no need to expand or create something new, sometimes you just need to thrash and this is the shit quite frankly.
This is an adrenaline filled hit of thrash metal reminiscent of DRI and early thrash days of Sodom and Slayer... basically all the cool shit that nobody is doing anymore... The lads can play and they know a thing or two about old school thrash metal. The recording quality is great (no digital/pro tools sounding shit here... I actually have no idea how they recorded it but it doesn't sound pro tools so that’s a plus) and brings across that old school thrash metal feel and really takes me back to a better time when riffs were just brutal and solos were just out of key attempts at jamming as many notes in as short a period of time as you can. (Again, think of those early slayer / Sodom guitar solos)
Hate Your Fate have a more punk approach to what they do and the bass is much more melodic and upfront in the mix ... once again congrats to these guys on a great sounding old school mix on the instruments especially the bass.... their riffage is a bit more crust/grindcore than Crucifier but still glorious stuff. These guys match Crucifier in every way but they have their own identity, if you can think back to the Exploited in both terms of riffage and vocals this will give you a good idea of where these dudes are at. Short sharp bursts of hardcore/crust fury and very listenable. No guitar solos though ha-ha!
Overall I had a great deal of fun listening to this and it was pretty much all I could to stop from thrashing around my lounge room like an idiot.... This stuff makes you want to move! -Reggae

Track list:
1. Crucifier - Life Ain't so Well
2. Crucifier - Death Squad (Sacred Reich Cover)
3. Hate Your Fate - Surfing Dirt
4. Hate Your Fate - Brain Eating Machines
5. Hate Your Fate - Someone to Smash

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