Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Zine Review: A WORMHOLE ZINE issues #43, #44, #45

A WORMHOLE ZINE issues #43, #44, #45
I received these three issues in a zine package from Worm, with some CD promos I should be getting to directly. Issue #43 describes a week long road trip he took in 2013 checking out book stores and art galleries. Worm mentions each location where he stopped with a brief blurb about his visit. Another road trip is chronicled in which he visits several towns in upstate New York and in turn he writes about attending the Finger Lake Metal Fest in May of that year. Issue #44 is mostly handwritten with brief descriptions on many bands and a review section on the last page, plus some abstract cover art. The latest issue #45 is the most professionally copied as you can open and read it as an actual zine as opposed to it being stapled at the top left hand corner. In this issue there is much more information about Worm’s traveling and the local independent businesses he frequented while on the road, including more record stores. This was a good idea to incorporate into the zine and I’d like to see more sections like this next to his band and zine reviews. The layout could still use improvement but A Wormhole is one of the longest running New York zines in publication, having been active since 1991. Contact Worm about his activities at the link provided above. -Dave Wolff

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