Thursday, March 1, 2018

Video Review: DEMON BOY My Coffin by Dave Wolff

My Coffin
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Shock rock, horror rock
Starring: Demon Boy, Swordsha Black Knives, Purple, Mark Murphy, Dennis Carter Jr. and Skully
Director: Robert Frankenberg
Editor and director of photography: Joe Seconi
Producer, Assistant Editor and assistant director of photography: Demon Boy
Filming location: Chamber Of Horrors NY Haunt
Video release date: February 28, 2018
The Demon strikes again with a new promotional video he released to coincide with a recent interview he did for NYC’s Bitten Apple TV late in February. My Coffin is an audial and visual improvement, with improved production and more gore. It builds on the D.I.Y. ethic Demon Boy has adhered to since his earliest videos. I’ve commented on this work ethic more than once, and drawn comparisons to established artists reviewing videos like Pain and Fly On The Wall. For another comparison, I have always likened him to the Troma Entertainment classics The Toxic Avenger, Class Of Nuke ‘Em High, Tromeo & Juliet and Terror Firmer. In his videos I perceive the same hardline, cutting edge outlook on horror. My Coffin marries atmosphere and stage presence with his unstoppable drive to reach the infamy of the musicians he admires most. More than ever the video speaks of a drive that rejects compromise or convention. I’ve consistently lauded his work because there is a need for his vision. If he can replace the middling, undistinguished swill that has kept pop at a standstill more power to him. Herein lies the point I’ve been making: DB looks at the big picture, working around the pitfalls that the changing industry can lead artists to. As he does this he takes full advantage of the resources of social media that transfer drawing power to unsigned bands, rather than singers who have success handed to them. Between his drive and his rabid following, DB just may succeed. He is a grassroots entertainer building a career the only way original and creative artists are able to these days: from the ground up. To create an effective atmosphere with props purchased from local sculptor and retail shops is no small feat. In My Coffin he perfects merging shock rock and heavy metal with pure old school horror, venturing closer to blood and gore. This should appeal to those of us who marvel at the creative thought in the lyrics and artwork of death metal and gore grind. Check out the scene in the middle of the video showing a woman impaled through the mouth with a crucifix, purely for the sake of shock value. This and other surprises are in store for you as DB invites you into his dark subterranean world. You may discover you want to stay a while as he can cure the most despondent ghoulie. -Dave Wolff

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