Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'Graduation Day' by Craig Michael

Graduation Day
Craig Michael
page 12 of the Deathercizer copyright 1986

It’s your graduation day, you finally made it. That’s what they say. Your mom’s so proud; in her eyes is a little tear. She says; “I’m proud of you son, I love you dear! Happy Graduation Day!”
It’s your graduation day! You’re dressed so fine. You got your Papa’s tie, but the old man’s shouting. Who knows why? Says; “Son, today is your lucky day!” PULLS OUT A SHOT GUN, AND BLOWS YOU AWAY! “You scum bag low life bum!” he says, “Happy Graduation Day!” Don’t look like Joey’s graduating today. Happy Graduation Day!
It’s your graduation day, Sarah’s cross town and wasted away. She’s thinking of special lies. She just butchered her family. Planting pennies on eyes. Oh Sarah, Happy Graduation Day!
It’s graduation day, she’s wearing her gown, a cap and tassel too. Looks oh so sweet, except for the splattered brains on her shoe. Gives her mama a kiss, while baby brother turns blue. Says “You all should have remembered, today is my day! You should have said you loved me!” Now tombstones will forever say: “YOU DIED ON SARAH’S GRADUATION DAY!” Orphaned Sarah, Happy Graduation Day!
It’s your graduation day! Everyone has gathered, but Joey can’t be found. Sarah is here, but hides when the police come around. Seated in the bleachers is the class clown. Thinking one last joke will make him famous, his name renowned. Ut oh, Happy Graduation Day!
It’s your Graduation Day! So many people he hated and admired. He steps on stage for his diploma. Pulls out a machine gun and opens fire. Climaxing from the gunsmoke and blood, as bodies collapse away. CLASS DISMISSED BY MACHINE GUN SPRAY! Silence is sweet as families die. There’s no one left alive to even cry. Massive Massacre! Blood Bath! It’s the Class Clown’s Graduation Day. Grand finale joke. Laughing as he walks away. Happy Graduation Day!

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  1. How can I get a printed copy of The Deathercizer & is the author still alive? I've been following his earlier poems and love how he creates a picture with words. Is he single?