Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'Purpose' by Heather Dawson


I served yours and that's fine
I knew somehow
You needed this for a time
But now are feeling safer
More whole
Leaving me with a new hole
Wholey on my heart
The middle if my chest blown open
IMD - but not really
My repeating of naive was not to have you think I was untried but to
Show you my lack
Of guile

If you say it -
I will believe it because I want to believe it
who doesn't want to Believe ?

I'm unique - special - wanted - needed - rare and individual ...

Not base- common - pedestrian- gullible - laughable and desperate

But there it is

I've prayed to your goddess to change your mind - soften your heart and deepen your love -

She toyed with me at first but then decided me unworthy ..

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