Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'Vampire King' by Natasa Nikolic

Vampire King

I’ll laugh with insanity
Standing on the edge
Eyes of cold wash over
The king’s gaze pierces through

This time it’s different
I feel the layers of ice
I can’t contain what’s savage
My time will come

The mountains of snow...
We’ve been here before
He sold his soul (got much more)
amidst cold ore (free of old chains)

On this silvery night,
prepare for the feast
A sliver of light,
let me guide you down

Pulling a string, wrapping it tight
All around the sturdy oak
To collect memories from the lead
With a push, a gentle stroke

Your eyes become the ice
On which I walk

In the home of frozen faces
One long path to craving

You are the King I long
To serve with all I feel
Let me be the one
to close your eyes

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