Monday, September 24, 2018

Promotional Video Review: MASTIC SCUM Dyers Eve [Metallica Cover] 2018 by Dave Wolff

Dyers Eve [Metallica Cover] 2018
Tribute to Metallica`s 30th anniversary of “…And Justice for All"
Place of origin: Salzburg, Austria
Genre: Death metal/Grindcore
Produced by Harry Gandler, Mike Kronstorfer, Gösser Bier
Mixed at Grindlab Studio
Mastered at Metalforge Studio
Release date: August 25, 2018
The Austrian death metallers Mastic Scum released their cover of Dyers Eve August 25, thirty years to the day since Metallica released …And Justice For All and made impressions on popular music that still resonate in the present. I could rave about what an awesome gesture it was and how …And Justice For All impacted the band. Instead I’ll dive beneath the surface and hopefully encourage some thought about whether the song is still relevant and the reasons another Metallica cover would be received well in today’s underground. Bear in mind that Metallica is one of the most covered bands in metal’s history. Personally I always liked Metallica and respect them for their long struggle to be recognized on their own terms, in the midst of controversy that surrounded them more than once. The most recent controversy came from their 2017 Grammy performance with Lady Gaga. Uproar ensued as to whether the band needed Gaga to validate them (Eddie Trunk was particularly and understandably vocal about this). Is it selling out to appeal to a wider pop audience? Or is it a logical progression of a band who always did what they wanted. How would a wider pop audience relate to older songs like No Remorse, Escape, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Dyers Eve? Also, how would fans of extreme metal relate to the song three decades after it was released? The song itself is a rant from a former teenager entering his 20s directed at his parents for creating a suppressive, overprotective environment around him. It’s not as much disrespect as it is a statement of confusion and anguish from someone sent on his own after living in said environment. Death metal and extreme metal are coming closer to being respected on their own merit, so there is a question of whether fans in the late 10s will be able to relate to the lyrics as much as fans from when …And Justice For All first came out. Fans today will likely understand Mastic Scum’s desire to honor a band whose influence has been so far reaching for so long. But would they understand the isolation and disillusionment of a kid who grew up in a time when metal was not as respected as it is today? The answer will probably depend on each person and his own experiences. All this being said, Mastic Scum do a fine job commemorating …And Justice For All and placing their stamp on Dyers Eve. They manage to give the track a modern DM flavor while keeping its original thrash metal fire. The lyrics are easily discernible for long time Metallica fans, without a need for a lyric sheet, This cover is worth checking out while you’re waiting for new material from them. -Dave Wolff

Maggo Wenzel: Vocals
Harry Gandler: Guitars
Wolfgang Rothbauer: Bass
Man Gandler: Drums

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