Friday, September 28, 2018

Demo Review: THE NOSEBLEED SECTION Goregrind Demo 2018 (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Goregrind Demo 2018
Place of origin: Canada, USA
Genre: Grindcore, goregrind
Release date: September 27, 2018
The Nosebleed Section’s debut demo consists of four tracks taking up six minutes. It’s relatively short next to many grindcore and goregrind releases, but there is a fair amount of potential. A collaborative effort by Devin Joseph Meaney (Gorecyst Records, The Dev Man Express) and Jeremy Kirchner (Abstract Maelstrom, Arabian Death Mask) the demo is available in cassette format and streaming on Youtube. I hope grindcore fans respond to this release and support Devin and Jeremy’s effort to maintain the old school principle of spreading physical cassettes. The packaging is professional with a DIY approach to copying and distribution, and you can tell these two take their work seriously. At times I wonder how many new ideas can be incorporated into grindcore and goregrind so the genres can continue to evolve since we were first introduced to Napalm Death, Impetigo, Terrorizer and Carcass. Especially after clone bands flooded underground scenes everywhere, lyrics and gore themes were expanded on a seemingly infinite number of times and samples were borrowed from every movie you can think of. Like black metal and doom metal, original bands are still around if you care to look and, once you find a band that speaks to you, approach them without preconception and make a real effort to see if there is anything different about them. I see a few differences listening to Goregrind Demo 2018 and I didn’t even have to look hard. Herbal Euphoria for example is about a pot smoker fiending for another joint. It’s a parody that many will take with a grain of salt since most pot smokers don’t fiend as badly. The songs don’t rely on blast to the extent of many goregrind bands. The drums sound programmed but most of the progressions are slow and groove laden, with fuzzy guitars somewhat likened to stoner rock. What sets The Nosebleed Section apart is the different vocal sounds from song to song. There are inventive vocals showing how much thought went into them while the songs were being composed and recorded. For this I would say it’s worth it to give Goregrind Demo 2018 a chance. -Dave Wolff

Devin Joseph Meaney: Vocals
Jeremy Kirchner: All instruments

Track list:
1. Herbal Euphoria
2. Dawn of the Pariah
3. Demons
4. This is the Mummering

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