Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Promotional Video Review: POKERFACE Creepy Guests by James K. Blaylock

Creepy Guests
From their full length Game On, released on M & O Music March 31, 2017
Place of origin: Moscow, Russia
Genre: Thrash metal
Guest appearance: Alina Derkach
Video production, post-production and effects: Dmitry Morsus
Location: Sunlight studio, Moscow
Recording, mastering and mixing: Konstantin Vihrev
Backline: MetalStuff
Release date: March 19, 2018
Move over symphonic metal it's time we revisited our thrash metal roots. Although, more than likely we wouldn't make much of a band called Poker Face, but I guess that means they have the best poker face of all. Of course, whenever they're auburn-haired-vixen-singer takes the stage in their newest video "Creepy Guests" we are in complete shock and awe at her guttural growls and sensual prowess. Let me tell you this girl brings the howling goods. Plus, the video itself looks spectacular, and not just because of the half dress mystery guest, sitting at the table, but as the video unfolds we realize there's tension between these two lasses. Who could say what has happened. It could be just some minor tiff or a gigantic rift. Were these ladies friends or lovers or both, either way that ended at some point, which brings us to our dinner guests, the real guests, trying to push their way through the door. Now we recognize that the captive is more like a sacrifice, of sorts, waiting to be had. I love the storytelling style of lyrics. Puts me in the mind of King Diamond. Not that either band has anything to do with the other, beyond that, in my humble opinion, but I see it there underneath the impeccable musicianship. My only concern is whatever happened to that scantily clad young lady, but I think I know without even having witnessed it. There you have it The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. -James K. Blaylock

Lady Owl: Vocals
Xen Ritter: guitars
Mike Fogel: guitars
Ded Moroz: bass
Roman Pankow: drums

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