Saturday, August 3, 2019

Poem: "Is there something behind me?" by Ghoul Shadows

Is there something behind me?
Ghoul Shadows

Is there something behind me?
Something, just out of sight;
Or merely a subtle trick of the light?
Is there something lurking there unseen
Or just my mind playing make-believe?
Is it staring from the corner of the room?
An unknown sinister which hides in the gloom?
But when I look there; darkness prevails
where all hope and rationale fails.
I can sense eyes looking at me,
Plotting their malevolent devilry.
Is there something behind me?
Someone I cannot see?
I dread the touch of the unknown one.
And pray to the gods to see the sun
I fear the not knowing.
I fear that it might be growing.
Is there something behind me?
No, nothing it could be.
I am frazzled and drained by the world’s woes.
But, I am sure I shut that window.
That window over there
That is letting in the cold night air.
Who knows what demons could get me through a breach.
With leathery wings and a soulless screech.
Is there something behind me?
Wait, I think I saw it did you see?
Something stalking in the murky ink of night.
Turning my mind into a garden full of blight
For I cannot perceive what stands or squats
What Flutters or squirms
And festers or rots.
I toss and turn, although, I ought to be sleeping
but the slithering is distracting.
And the darkness is encroaching.
I feel as though I am losing my mind.
Jumping at shadows of the non- human kind.
My mind is not as sharp as it used to be.
I try to relax but I feel uneasy
Nervous; my dead horse called Anxious I be floggin’
I am not quite right in the noggin’
There could be someone waiting around the corner maybe.
That door is all that stands between certain doom and me.
I check the lock.
I check it twice.
I check it thrice should I do it more?
I bang my head against the wall
did I actually lock it, am I sure?
The questioning of myself I cannot ignore
Loud noises and a constant tapping from my door
Claws rake across the timber hall.
My mind is so forlorn.
Will I awake in the morn’?
Is there something behind me?
Escape, I must. It seems elusive
can you not see?
This thing is intrusive.
Pursuing constantly.
Oh! What feelings of melancholy.
Who am I?
Who are you?
Oh this thing that haunts my waking hours
Trying in desperation to huddle and cower
Blankly I stare . A victim of its deprivation.
I am awake.
It has gone,
gone from my vision
Oh For pity’s sake!
No, it is not!
It is never gone!
Forever stalking me
From dusk ‘till dawn.
Sleep. Ah Yes, sleep now.
I am comfortable and harmonious
Soon I will drift off if it allows.
To meet with the sand man; the son of Somnus
And dream my disturbances away
I lay there still
Motionless and silent
Enjoying the armistice that has come at last
My well-earned rest
but I am not awake nor asleep but somewhere in-between
an illusion of shadowy realms and dream-scapes.
I am paralysed with fear
No matter how hard I try I cannot move.
My arms will not respond to my commands
Move damn you! Move!
Something is creeping beneath these sheets
hairs stand on end
Let the things I cannot see come
and take me
into the cold night air.
Is there something behind me?
Yes, yes there is.
There is something there.
Let them come and take me from my comfy arm chair.
There has always been something behind me,
Threatening to take me away from here…

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