Saturday, August 3, 2019

Poem: "Reborn In Darkness" by Andy Horry

Reborn In Darkness
Andy Horry

Words flare
Without a care.
Silence stands
With violent strands.

The dark penetrates
Your glistening soul.
Words are spoken
But always broken.

The dark shuts you down
And unravels your gown.
Chaos is unleashed but
Beneath remains nothing.
Yet again... here you are.
In the silence you can't bare.

Your words,
They mean nothing,
Your mask,
It is slipping.
There's a beast awakening
But this voyage has only just begun.

You spent your life fighting,
Your demons, your darkness
But it's been seeping into you
For a reason all along.

Light may not be cast
Without darkness.
You found the stage long ago.

It's call bellowed to you
Yet you always fled.
Well now it's time to stay.
Your new home is darkness.

You can journey wherever
You think you want to be
But that will never
Take away the burning
Desire that lead you here.

A dark demon echoed
A challenge to slay it down.
You thought the slay
Would be the end
But you destroyed your
Old self in the process.

The old you is gone
Making way for the
Sovereign warrior,
The magician,
The dark demon that you are.

Who you were always destined to be.
Now you're free from the sheep
And the cowards.
The child became the adult.

The challenge you accepted
Is now yours to own.
It is your trusty tool
Of initiation.

You are courageous
And you will find others
In your stride to be the best.

Your intuition will bring you worthy
Allies to partner with the
Darkness and transmute
The deep wisdom that
Few dare to take a peep at.

For now I suggest you
Settle in to your new home.
Surrender to the silence,
Dettach from your words,
Your reason, your methods.

You need none of these..
For they all came from
A deeper place and here
You are in the Palace of Darkness.

At the heart of it all.
The dark stage
Where the act will go on
But never again will you
Judge it's role in the
Performance of this reality.

You were always here really
But your mind made you
Believe you were somewhere else.

You were born in darkness
And you lived in darkness.
Now it's up to you to either resist
Or own your roots.

Celebrate your death
And splender in the great rebirth
Of the dark mystic you have become.

Or go back to the herd of sheep.
Your fate is in your hands.

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