Saturday, August 3, 2019

Poem: "Vetiver" by Sky Claudette Soto

Sky Claudette Soto

And in this great vestibule I lay cometh hithered, in a moxibustion of ash as the scent of
Vetiver and Lemon ,billow throughout,
While Vetiver curtains sway in the wind
And the greatest sounds of chimes sound off in my ears of delightfuless,

rain taps and shimmers off of my soul in thy great abyss only but for a moment as archangels,covet my soul in their owlish wings ... rain drops spiral off...,off of their winged beauty gallavanting throughout thy night skies, as black as ever , as ever seen ,seen ,against the sap of overgrown pine trees and mulch blacker than black , grounded into carnelian agate,next to and upon fiery agate that turns all back to its senders sing unto me only your visions of truth .

Copyright/first American publishing rights only and written by Sky Claudette Soto.

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